Parent - Teacher Math

Through local community centers, volunteer pre-service teachers provide each parent with a comprehensive math education. These parents then learn how to teach their children math from pre- kindergarten and onward. Sustainability is achieved when the parent-student becomes the parent educator for their community center. Parents are empowered to advocate for their children’s education within the home and within their schools and promotes math within the entire community.

Juanita's Story


Juanita never had the opportunity to learn math. To make ends meet, she sells beauty products and has to rely on her supplier’s and customer’s honesty to give her the right change.


Through PC Math she has progressed from learning to write her numbers to the foundations of math literacy, under- standing decimals and fractions. Her dedication and hard work enables her to help her children with their math homework to support their future academic success.

Ignacia's Story


Through Parent to Child Math, Ignacia has acquired the skills to teach and help her three school-aged children with their home-work. Upon reaching the Algebra I level, through PC Math, Ignacia learned how to teach other parents.


Ignacia has become an advocate for math in her community and has expanded to tutoring children after school in math.


Ignacia now is preparing to attend college in order to become certified as a teacher.