Time Dollar provides programs that will help us achieve our missions: “Build Community by Providing for Basic Needs in ways that will Lead to Life Changing Experiences.” Time Dollar offers programs that facilitate self-sufficiency and communal interdependence.  Time Dollar believes that in doing this we promote a healthy environment for all. Our programs also help us achieve our vision.



Community members will have what they need to accomplish their dreams. The children will grow into well educated and productive citizens, taking their places in this society.


OUR COMMUNITY (Zip Code 78207)


40.6 percent of households fall below the federal poverty level. This compares to 17.1 percent in Bexar County, 17 percent in Texas and 14.3 percent in the United States.


16.7 percent fall below 50 percent of poverty level. This compares to 7.3 percent in Bexar, 7.1 percent in Texas and 6.2 percent in the nation.


35.4 percent receive food stamps. That’s 12.2 percent in Bexar, 11.2 percent in Texas and 10.2 percent in the United States.


Nearly 23 percent of the households had no one employed in the family in the past year, and the median income was $24,197,  less than half of Bexar’s median income.


(Source: Census Bureau’s 2007-11 American Community Survey)